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football spectators

How Football Shapes You Into a Better Person

August 27, 2017

As the football action is back, I want to talk a bit why football is more than just a game. Especially in Scotland where without a few dozen of decent Scottish football clubs, a similar amount of whiskey distilleries and harsh weather condition, we don’t have much left. I may be exaggerating but the truth

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football player

Technology That Makes you a Better Football Fan

August 25, 2017

FIFA is much like the Vatican. Have you noticed how both institutions, International football federation as well as the Christian Church oppose technology. For example, the now implemented goal technology? It was available years ago but only the stubbornness of the heads of international football stopped from instantly making the game fairer. Similarly, video replays,

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The Number One Question You Must Ask for Scotish Football

March 26, 2017

Glasgow is a great location for a brief break, holiday or a day out exploring. Glasgow is among the UK’s favourite shopping destinations, and only London delivers a bigger array of high street choices. Scotland has lots of amazing scenery and wildlife but if you are searching for a city experience in the nation, there

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