Technology That Makes you a Better Football Fan

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August 25, 2017

FIFA is much like the Vatican. Have you noticed how both institutions, International football federation as well as the Christian Church oppose technology. For example, the now implemented goal technology? It was available years ago but only the stubbornness of the heads of international football stopped from instantly making the game fairer. Similarly, video replays, that would result in a much better game experience at the minimal cost of time still cannot make their way through bureaucracy. But footballers are not bureaucrats. No true fan wishes to win by a goal that was actually offside. We all want the game to be fair. So, while I encourage everyone to speak out, I also want to point out how important the piece of technology can be in our pocket.

Smart football revolution

There are many reasons why you should take your phone out during a football match. First of all, it’s s not a play, you are not bothering anyone. But there are also more serious reasons than that.  Spread the news  Twitter is incredibly popular among football fans. If you’re in the stadium, use hashtags and report the action, interact with other fans around the world. Basically, when you are watching the event live, there is a lot you can share.


Show off the atmosphere

Fans love to praise their club (themselves, actually) how amazing is the atmosphere of playing. I can’t think of any other such sport where there is so much singing and chanting. Let’s be honest, there is nothing as pleasing as hearing your own players praising the atmosphere fans build, or even better, hear the rival manager admit how hard fans make it for them to play.  Got a new chant? A new flag? Snap a quick video and show everyone how great it is to be in there.


We, Scots, especially need this. In total, we have two clubs that have a worldwide reputation, Celtic and Rangers. Fans of smaller clubs have an opportunity to capture moments from the stadium and help promote their club. Maybe the you cough a fun and unique goal celebration, a bizarre yellow card, share it. You never know what can go viral and earn your club a new sponsorship.

Record best moments

The pace in football often varies. While the ball is in the middle of the field, the ball often goes from one team to the other, but on both ends of the field the pace often picks up quite a bit. That’s when you can take the best pictures and videos, but any ordinary phone won’t work well in this case. But if you have one of the newer phones, like new X series Motorola (read more here).

The key in these moment is realizing that you only have a second to unlock your phone and start recording. Not to mention that the picture has to be stable and preferably, high resolution. And in case of rain, you better have a water-resistant phone.  Usually Motorola series are well equipped to handle all these tasks but of course there are other phones that can fit, too.  In conclusion, technology is something we cannot hide from. So, what we and FIFA should do is embrace it.

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